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There's an old saying, "chickens have come home to roost", which is normally used to mean that the bad things that someone has done in the past have come back to bite or haunt the individual.

I kinda of feel that way about Amerika, but the thing is are we gonna live in hate? 

I mean we have to live somewhere right?

Yeah I know our history and yeah it pisses me off and I have bad thoughts I would never act on because I would probably end up in prison.

I bring this up because of a book I just read by this brotha Keven Smith called "Paycheck or Profits."

He's breaking down one of the reasons this country was brought into being and it wasn't just about slavery but the profits that came with it.

He's breaking down how we have been oriented to a get a "Paycheck" mentality.

You know the saying "go to school and get a job" which is fine but Amerika is about making money. 


Because of Kevin's (professor) book history is starting to make more sense to me. 

Did the white man enslave the black man because he had nothing better to do?

Or because he was smart enough to make a profit off the black man's labor?

I think we know the answer to that.

Yes, we have a right to be mad, but where is it taking us?

We have to live people and hopefully not in perpetual anger.

Just sayin'