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Hey People,

I recently published a book on bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

I wrote it because I don't want black people to lose their money.

Crypto is real and not going anywhere, however, you can lose your money.

It seems like unfortunately some of us are preoccupied with just living our lives and don't really care what's happening behind the scenes with money.

Most of us are looking for a shortcut or a free ride to a boat load of money.

I'm here to tell you there are no shortcuts and if you get into crypto you better know what you are doing or you will lose all your hard-earned money.

Yes, I'm working on the Blackmans Crypto Coin to educate us, however, most of us are not ready because we think that crypto will not affect us.

I have not created the blockchain for the new crypto, but it's in the making.

I'm teaching myself this new technology because behind the scenes it's a greater technology than the internet.

I'm teaching myself this new technology because those who have the knowledge will not be left behind.

With crypto on the scene, some of the things you thought you knew about money will be blown wide open! 

Crytpo is already corrupted but is here to stay.

Facebook will release its own crypto coin call Libra a type of cryptocurrency that will allow you to buy and sell anything on Facebook without using a dollar bill.

When this happens Facebook will have total knowledge to control you. They already do it with the timeline algorithm.

I'm just saying we have moved into a new world, where you will either work, say home and collect unemployment if you can, go to a school, sell drugs, become a business owner, or make your money off of social media apps like youtube or Instagram.

Those are the choices for the average black man or woman.

What are you doing to plan for the crazy future that is upon us?

Will you be in or out?