No worries it's a fast read and will let you know what's happening behind the scenes in the crypto world becuz it's crazy! 

What chu know about crypto?
blackman and woman 

this is your chance to 

come up!

don't let the media

distract you


behind the scenes

money is

about to be on 

another level

no worries

as long as you 

get the

money from the 

state you think
you gonna

be alright

don't get trapped

taking money

from the government

oops too late!


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Please before you buy crypto read my new book coming out June 15th. 

I'll tell you this!

Please do not let anyone talk you into buying 

any type of physical "coins" as it is a scam. 

Also if you are ready to invest in crypto go to an official exchange like 

Robinhood is not an exchange they trade cryto only. You will not be able to get your money back and can only trade for other crypto.

If you gonna go invest in the Dogecoin hype then buy from a reputable exchange.

Just sayin'


Get this knowledge!